How God became King (N.T. Wright video)

N.T. Wright has a new book coming out on March 13th (surprise, surprise – since he cranks them out in his sleep!).  It’s called How God Became King: the forgotten story of the gospels.  Here, he talks about the themes in the book a bit.  Check it out! [Read more...]

Reframing the Gospel: Q Group Studies | Transactional Conversions?

Description from YouTube: n The Whole Gospel: Revisiting Our Message to the World, part of Q Group Studies, your group will be reminded of the holistic nature of the gospel and challenged to return to the Bible to get a better picture of the story and how it should shape your whole life. In The [Read More...]

If “Love Wins” were a Hymn…

I’m currently attending a wonderful church, connected to my seminary.  I love the way in which they represent the Anabaptist way of following Jesus, not giving into nationalism or violence.  They are a voice of peace, grace, and love. I noticed this love recently in a hymn that was selected to sing.  I was so [Read More...]

Is Your Gospel the Right Gospel?

*The following is a guest article by Joe Boyd. Find his info at the bottom of the page. I am reading the book unChristian with about ten of my friends. It’s a book primarily about why people outside of Christianity don’t like Christians much anymore. (I didn’t need a book to learn that one.) A [Read More...]