Forest Gardens and the Unexpected Church

Last week I was driving home from leading a training session in the of North of England in our new car. Hoping to listen to some music on the radio I switched on the stereo system. Having only collected the vehicle that morning I hadn’t worked out how to change radio channels yet and was [Read More...]

The ‘Piss Christ’ & the Glory of God

  Written by Lawrence Garcia The Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery in Manhattan recently managed to transform itself into a neo-Golgotha with the public display of a denigrated Christ submerged in human urine. This is Andres Serrano’s infamous Piss Christ, a photograph taken in 1987 of a crucifix baptized in the artist’s own widdle. Of course, [Read More...]

Making an argument the “Christian” way?

In recent theological discussions I have noticed that I and others fall into traps that are best avoided if we want to discover more truth. Here are my suggestion of arguing styles to be wary of. 1) Antithetical This describes the tendency to imply that there are only two possible choices when discussing an issue. [Read More...]

My appeal to complementarians – Stop telling me to calm down

I am getting a bit frustrated with my complementarian friends and their propensity to want to suggest that egalitarians are not respecting scripture. I have been in several debates and found that as soon as I raise a decent point they either claim that they are trying to be scriptural or that we need to [Read More...]