Who Stole Christmas – N.T. Wright or the Grinch?

I loved this article! Thanks to Michael Gorman for posting it to FB. Excerpt from First Things by Peter Liethart: Just this year, I had another realization. N. T. Wright has spoiled Christmas too. Wright made me see the fairly radical difference in tone and content between Advent and Christmas hymns. Advent hymns, as you’d [Read More...]

Learning to Walk in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus (free books too!)

Early on when I started this blog, I became aquanted with Lois Tverberg. Her written thoughts on Jesus reminded me of her good friend Ray VanderLaan who continues to have an influence on my theology (for those who are skeptical of the Jewish roots of Jesus scholarship because of what Ben Witherington said about Rob [Read More...]

Paul was Jewish but NOT a “Christian”

An excellent discussion on Jesus Creed: “Mark Nanos is on a mission to expound for readers of Paul a Paul who never broke from Judaism. His project, and here we are sketching some of what he says in the book edited by Mike Bird called The Apostle Paul, is both about rhetoric and theology. Nanos, who [Read More...]

Love Wins Isn’t Jewish Enough for Rob Bell

I like Love Wins. Actually, I love Love Wins. No, it isn’t a thorough theological treatment of the afterlife, but it certainly provokes important questions. The broad vision of the book is admirable and courageous. One of my favorite themes in this book is how Rob Bell points out that many people choose not to [Read More...]