Lent: Because sometimes rich Christians simply need to starve a little

“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” These are powerful words that are often recited as ashes are applied to the forehead of Christians. For the past few years of my life, Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent has been a time of focused commitment to journey with Christians around the [Read More…]

Live Life | Week 2: Prayer by Jarrod McKenna (Lent Series)

Jarrod McKenna takes a deeper look at this week’s challenge on prayer. (worldvisionyouth.org/2013/02/23/live-li­fe-pray/) Watch this video and then share the things in your community that need to be set right, through the global sharing platform at worldvisionyouth.org/ World Vision would like to thank Jarrod McKenna (facebook.com/Jarrodandmates) for his improv’d homiletics, David Gungor from “The Brilliance” [Read More…]

Lent, Fail: a gentle reminder of God’s ridiculous grace

In the past, I took Lent to an extreme. Two years ago, my wife and I lived our daily lives off of two dollars a day. That experiment in simplicity filled me with a deeper appreciation for what I have, especially in regards to food. One of the lasting effects of that Lent experience was [Read More…]

Intro to Lent & Fasting by Jarrod McKenna

I’m really diggin’ these videos that my friend Jarrod Saul McKenna is putting out in partnership with World Vision. I hope you will track with these short videos during the season of Lent. Intro: Week 1: Fasting [Read more…]