John Stott’s Final Book and Creation Care

John Stott has written his final book, The Radical Disciple.  In this short Video Blog, I explore the major ideas of one chapter in particular called “Creation Care.”  Watch the video below and then leave any comments that you may have… ANY THOUGHTS? ——————————— UPDATE: I accidentally said “2015” when citing a statistic that should [Read More…]

The Rest of the Biblical Story and the Rapture of the Church [Earthquakes…Signs of the Times, 9 (Mark 13)]

This is the ninth post in a series titled: Earthquakes… Signs of the Times? I invite you to read the rest of the series here to catch up (the first post would be extremely helpful)… ——————————————————————– So far we have examined some “big picture” themes from Mark 13. Our next step is to attempt to [Read More…]

Who Gets the Glory… God or Government?

I have been in many “Christians and politics” discussions in the past year or so.  My personal conviction is not align myself with any party, because of the belief that no political ideology represents the full interest of the reign of God.  So, I am one who promotes policies and politicians as “lesser evils” that [Read More…]

Earthquakes… Signs of the End Times? Part 2: Mark 13 as it Relates to the Rest of the Book

This is the second post in a series titled: Mark 13… Signs of the Times? I invite you to check out that first post to catch up, so to speak   More posts to come on this topic! Read the rest of the series here. ————————————————————- We began this series by asking if we could [Read More…]