Listening to N.T. Wright in Pasadena on Virtue

UPDATE Check out the audio to this lecture at: Parables of a Prodigal World _____________________________________________ ORIGINAL POST This past Thursday night I had a unique opportunity that I have been hoping would come for quite some time. I got to both listen to and meet N.T. Wright! My friends and I arrived early to ensure [Read More...]

Groans From Within, Part 1

Many of the people who frequent my blog have probably wondered what the title actually means. Groans From Within describes what it means to be a person who is led by the Spirit while living in a world that is broken. The Spirit groans within Christ-followers, causing us to empathize with the groaning of creation. [Read More...]

Entering the "Missional/ Pomo/ Emerging/ Younger Evangelical/ Red Letter Christians /New Monastic" Conversation

UPDATE!!!!! JAN 29, 09: I realized this morning that I had accidentally failed to put a book on the list, that in my opinion is going to become quite important to the conversation. I would put it somewhere towards the beginning of the list, as it gives a great introduction into several of the themes [Read More...]

Quote to Ponder: Theology affects Ecology?

Here is a quote I came across while doing research on God’s Mission. It is by: John MacArthur… The environmental movement is consumed with trying to preserve the planet forever. But we know that isn’t in God’s plan… The earth we inhabit is not a permanent planet. It is, frankly, a disposable planet—it is going [Read More...]