New Perspective on Paul in Less than 10 Mins (N.T. Wright & James Dunn)

The New Perspective on Paul has been an important discussion that has been taking place in theological circles in resent years.  Here are two of the leaders speaking into the issue, NT Wright and James Dunn. [Read more...]

Come Hang with Me @Soularize in San Diego!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been blessed by the ministry of the Ooze (founded by Spencer Burke).  This year, their prolific conference called Soularize will be in San Diego (October 18-20).  And, this week they are running a huge discount for tickets.  The price per ticket has been chopped by $50 so each [Read More...]

What is the gospel, and why is it the “good news”? (N.T. Wright)

Jesus vs Caesar! Gotta love this! Any thoughts on the following video??? [Read more...]

N.T. Wright – Funerals, Hope, & the Grieving of God

I thought this video was quite insightful. This comes from the good folks at Work of the People, who create videos to be used in the context of church and various other communities… check them out! What are your thoughts on grieving as Christians? What do you think we could do better with our funeral [Read More...]