Getting the Church to Act More Christian (Bruxy Cavey)

Here are some highlights from Bruxy Cavey’s message “Anabaptist Invasion” – the first message in the Meeting House’s “Ordinary Radicals” series. [Read more...]

Forsaking Power and Violence: How Radical-Reformers Lived the Politics of Jesus

As our society becomes more secular and cynical of the institutional church, the nonviolent way of Jesus will become one of few entry points for those who don’t yet know Christ.   I suggest that this conviction coupled with a suspicion towards nationalism, which Anabaptist Christ-followers are tempted to dismiss as impractical, relates to many people [Read More...]

Politics, Religion, and The Hunger Games (Interview on Terminal Podcast)

Aaron Brown and Kurt Willems might as well discussed the kitchen sink on this episode as it was the only topic pretty much left out.  Join in on the conversation as topics of pacifism, gun control, evangelical rejects, manifest destiny, equality of men and women in ministry and yeah…the Hunger Games are discussed, too. check [Read More...]

Fear Not! Seek Peace. Love Your Enemies and Those of Different Faiths

*The following is a guest post by my friend Jacob Evers.  He holds an MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.  Check out his blog here. In a world that seems to fear everything, and a country that seems to believe that everyone is out to get us, how do we as Christians interact in [Read More...]