Evangelicals and the Politics of Jesus – The Moral Minority and Conservatism

The following is a guest article, written by David Swartz. He is a Mennonite, historian, and a professor at Asbury University. His new book is called Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in an Age of Conservatism.  —————————————————- When I tell people about my recently released book Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in an Age of Conservatism, I [Read More...]

The todays and tomorrows of this election – a reflection

Today many of us will vote. Tomorrow many of us will gloat. Today many of us are torn. Tomorrow some of us will mourn. Today many of us think we’re right. Tomorrow this might cause fresh fights. Today some wonder if our candidate is actually “pro-life.” Tomorrow we keep praying for the unborn, the war-torn, [Read More...]

Why do (or don’t) you identify with a political party?

It seems to me that Jesus had an interesting habit: critiquing both sides. He was a strong critic of every religio–political party in Israel. He critiqued the Sadducees for not believing resurrection, amongst other things (one being the way in which they metaphorically got into bed with Roman Empire at times). He critiqued the Pharisees [Read More...]

How to pledge allegiance to Jesus on Election Day

Excerpt from Mark Schloneger on CNN.com: Our fears, our hopes, our worries and our struggles are the currency that buys our votes. And how do politicians and their supporters acquire this precious currency? They invest billions of dollars to foment fear, inspire hope, create worry and exploit our struggles. It’s a power play. Some of [Read More...]