A Letter to the NRA from a Citizen of the U.S. with a Severe Mental Illness

[Editor’s Note (Kurt Willems) – The following was written by a close personal friend. He has chosen to be anonymous, for reasons explained in this letter. While I may not agree/understand every nuance of his argument, I believe the “spirit” of what he says is important for this national discussion. I’m not one to get [Read More…]

Intro to the Gaza-Israel Conflict: Equipped for Thanksgiving Talking Points

FROM WASHINGTON POST, “9 QUESTIONS ABOUT ISRAEL-GAZA YOU WERE TOO EMBARRASSED TO ASK“ I thought that this article was quite helpful on catching people up with the conflict between Gaza and Israel. For those who may hear folks talking about it at Thanksgiving celebrations, this might give a ‘buffer’ for being able to engage in [Read More…]

Evangelicals and the Politics of Jesus – The Moral Minority and Conservatism

The following is a guest article, written by David Swartz. He is a Mennonite, historian, and a professor at Asbury University. His new book is called Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in an Age of Conservatism.  —————————————————- When I tell people about my recently released book Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in an Age of Conservatism, I [Read More…]

The todays and tomorrows of this election – a reflection

Today many of us will vote. Tomorrow many of us will gloat. Today many of us are torn. Tomorrow some of us will mourn. Today many of us think we’re right. Tomorrow this might cause fresh fights. Today some wonder if our candidate is actually “pro-life.” Tomorrow we keep praying for the unborn, the war-torn, [Read More…]