Operation Screwtape: The Art of Spiritual War

There’s a new book out that was written in the spirit of CS Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. Andrew Farley’s latest project is a work of fiction titled: Operation Screwtape – The Art of Spiritual War. For anyone interested in narratives exploring spiritual truths, this book might just be a fit for you. Operation Screwtape could [Read More...]

The God who cries when children die

“The history of our world is the history of our suffering together. Every act of evil extracts a tear from God, every plunge into anguish extracts a sob from God. But the history of our world is the history of our deliverance together. God’s work to release himself from his suffering is his work to [Read More...]

How to pledge allegiance to Jesus on Election Day

Excerpt from Mark Schloneger on CNN.com: Our fears, our hopes, our worries and our struggles are the currency that buys our votes. And how do politicians and their supporters acquire this precious currency? They invest billions of dollars to foment fear, inspire hope, create worry and exploit our struggles. It’s a power play. Some of [Read More...]

The Impossibility of Being President and Following Jesus

Content Director’s Note: This post is a part of our Election Month at Patheos feature. Patheos was designed to present the world’s most compelling conversations on life’s most important questions. Please join the Facebook following for our new News and Politics Channel — and check back throughout the month for more commentary on Election 2012. [Read More...]