Thanks N. T. Wright for helping me see a Bigger Gospel!

I want to invite you to join a Facebook group I started called, Thanks N. T. Wright for helping me see a Bigger Gospel! This is a way to acknowledge how Tom Wright has influenced you in various ways, and a chance to exclusively discuss his work with like-minded facebook friends (well, hopefully they become [Read More...]

Is Ethical Buying the New Legalism? part 1

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a book called, “The Better World Shopping Guide” and the corresponding “Better World Shopper iPhone App.”  It is an invaluable resource for anyone who cares about ethical buying.  Tools like this remind us that what we purchase at the grocery store, fast food restaurant, car dealership, coffee shop, [Read More...]

Recommended Resources: "Spiritual Warfare" Series by Greg Boyd

I want to recommend an amazing resource. It is a short sermon series taught by Greg Boyd, Pastor at Woodland Hills Church and author of several books. The sermons are titled, “Spiritual Warfare.” The first talk rocked my world: “a War-torn Creation.” Greg gave me some ‘handles’ to further reflect upon some things I have [Read More...]

Jesus as Rabbi

UPDATE: Feb 9, 09 Lois Tverberg is in the process of changing to a new website. Check it out here: ____________________________________________________ ORIGINAL POST: I am excited to have found Lois Tverberg’s blog! If you are not sure who she is, she is the founder of engedi resources ( Her latest post gives a defense [Read More...]