After the election of a new President, we will still…

*To be clear, I did not write this. I do think it is making a great point about not investing “messianic” like hopes into another election… Excerpt From Mike at “NewChurchCA:” ….The truth is that it doesn’t matter who is elected in November. Next year, when January turns into February, and the President sits comfortably [Read More...]

Red Letter Dialogues: Review and Introduction (Claiborne and Campolo)

By re-focusing our attention on the basics, the red letters of the Bible, these authors help to open the imaginations of readers to see the way in which the covenant God is bringing heaven to earth. Not only do we readers get to be “flies on the wall” as Tony and Shane dispense their wisdom in a conversational format, but we too are invited into the dialogue with the hope that it will lead to grassroots expressions of the reign of God. [Read more...]

The Red Letter Revolution has begun! What if Jesus meant what he said?

A question that many younger followers of Jesus are asking is: What if Jesus meant what he said? It seems like an odd question on the surface. We’d be tempted to answer: Of course he did! Which exposes the deep importance that the question gets at. Many of us who graduated just before or after [Read More...]

Shane Claiborne on the Sermon on the Mount, the Red Letters, and Theology

Red Letter Revolution releases officially this week. To get us ready for further discusion on the book, here is a video of Shane Claiborne discussing the Sermon on the Mount, Red Letter Christianity, and Theology. [Read more...]