Giving away 20 free copies of Red Letter Revolution by Claiborne and Campolo

THIS CONTEST IS OFFICIALLY OVER! I ENCOURAGE YOU, ASSUMING YOU DIDN’T RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM ME, TO PURCHASE THE BOOK! IT’S AMAZING THUS FAR! There are quite a few books I’m excited about that I plan to tell you about in the coming weeks. Some of these have been out for a while and others [Read More...]

Kurt Interviewed on Podcast (Evangelical Rejects, Online Ministry, Anabaptism, & the Mission of the Church)

I had a wonderful time talking with author and leader Laurie Beth Jones today on her Blog Talk Radio show.  I invite you to listen to this 15 min conversation… Listen to internet radio with Laurie Beth Jones on Blog Talk Radio [Read more...]

Article @: Red Letter Christians (Tony Campolo) [Natural Disaster]

I want to thank you if this is your first time to my blog.  Its possible you read my newest article over at Tony Campolo’s Red Letter Christians blog.  I am grateful for your readership and hope to interact with you soon! If you are a regular at the Pangea Blog, I too want to [Read More...]