Two Preaching Resources from Logos (Quotations and Prayers)

I thought I’d let you know about two resources that LOGOS just put out that could be helpful for preachers and teachers. I think that they offer a quick way to bring added depth to sermons. Here they are with a link to each of them…  300 Quotations for Preachers with Slides  Find precisely the [Read More…]

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Shane Claiborne make peace

This is what happens when Shane Claiborne and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream have a nonviolent ice cream fiesta! I’m looking forward to checking out: Jesus bombs and ice cream DVD curriculum [Read more…]

Resource of the Week: All Right Now – A book on ethics and the Christian life

This week I want to point your attention to a great book, written by Tim Geddert.  Its called All Right Now: Finding Consensus on Ethical Questions.  Tim is a New Testament Scholar with a heart for the church.  Here’s the product description: Polarizing issues are dividing the church. Is your congregation seeking consensus? How should [Read More…]

Resource of the Week: Recovering the Scandal of the Cross

Every week I’m going to post a blog that simply points you to the “resource of the week.”  It will be: theological, political, social justice focused, church ministry related, or some other random thing that I think will help Christ-followers in the journey. This week, I want to point your attention to an important book: [Read More…]