Shane Claiborne on How Bad Theology Kills and a True Hope

I love these thoughts from Shane about reading Scripture in community, the importance of good theology, and the politics that flow out of such… Check out this brief video: [Read more…]

Revolutionary Freedom and a Game of Freeze Tag (Joey LeTourneau)

Below is an article written by my good friend, Joey LeTourneau.  I’ve known his family for about 5 years now and am always amazed at the stories of how God is at work in their ministry.  He recently published his first major book: Revolutionary Freedom – Anointed to Set the Captives Free.  Just to give [Read More…]

The Effects of a Just War (Shane Claiborne)

I love listening to Shane Claiborne speak of God and peace. What are your thought on the following video? [Read more…]

11:11 for 2011 (Easy Book Giveaway Contest!)

11:11… this has been a haunting number in my life for the past 5 years.  Most of my college friends can attest to this.  It is a number that I see on the clock at the oddest moments.  For instance, I have seen it on my phone three times in a row, completely without intention [Read More…]