Simplicity in the Burbs ($2 a day): “Creativity is Awakened!” [Day 14]

They say that if you put yourself into unfamiliar situations, that this is when creativity is birthed. As I am in the midst of eating and doing life with $2 a day, I am noticing that new creativity in the kitchen is happening. On a usual day, I would see eggs, rice, and salsa in [Read More…]

Simplicity in the Burbs ($2 a day): "Being Simple Brings Families Together" [Days 10-13]

So it is four days later since I wrote last.  I have a couple of highlights that I think are worth mentioning, particularly about my marriage.   What a wonderful wife I have that she would want to partner with me in this $2 experiment.  I cannot tell you how much I love her….  Ok, [Read More…]

Simplicity in the Burbs ($2 a day): Thanks! [Day 9]

Thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement about food and my anniversary yesterday.  My wife and I had a simple day and I wrote her a simple letter that I hid in her car while she was at work.  She teared up… so I guess it was good Here is a list of what I [Read More…]

Simplicity in the Burbs ($2 a day): Amazing Life, Amazing Wife! [Day 8]

Yesterday was pretty normal.  I went to work at the church (I am serving part time until I finish seminary) and then had a dentist appointment.  But, as I read many of the comments and emails from all of you yesterday, something became evident: You are all concerned about my health and eating practices. As [Read More…]