America’s Unforgivable Youth: What Lupe Fiasco can Teach the Church

Growing up, I developed a love for rap music. Yep. Many of you are shocked. I don’t fit the stereotype. I also used to be heavily involved in skateboarding. Some of my best memories include solo sessions on my board popping kick-flips to the rhythms of a smooth hip-hop track. It’s probably the closest I [Read More...]

From the Margins: Following Jesus in a post-Christian culture

[This article originally appeared in winter 2012 issue of In Part, the magazine for the Brethren in Christ community in the U.S. I highly recommend you read the other articles from this past issue that explore the theme of Anabaptism.] I met David randomly. I’d been sitting in a coffee shop one evening, working on a [Read More...]

Art that is good for the soul, easy on the wallet, and provides water to the thirsty! @OldNewProject

My friend Jim LePage (along with Troy DeShano and others) is doing good things through art! You may remember Jim’s guest blog post, “The Artistic Imagination and the Word.” His approach to art is incredible, illuminating the Scriptures in ways only images can. Here are some examples of his personal artwork from that great guest [Read More...]

Shaping Politics – Biblical Theology or Political Ideology?

In what follows, I’ve pasted an excerpt from an article by Lisa Sharon Harper. She is the co-author of a book I’ve reviewed here on the blog called: Left, Right and Christ: Evangelical Faith in Politics. Check out my review to understand her perspective a bit more. Excerpt from Q, written by Lisa Sharon Harper: [Read More...]