Cracks in God’s Beautiful World: social justice as an act of spiritual warfare

[This article originally appeared in Prism Magazine (Vol. 19., No. 5 – Sept/Oct 2012). I am a huge fan of the work of ESA and Prism and highly recommend utilizing their resources!] How is it that we really make a difference in this world? A few years ago, while driving to a speaking engagement in [Read More…]

Operation Screwtape: The Art of Spiritual War

There’s a new book out that was written in the spirit of CS Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. Andrew Farley’s latest project is a work of fiction titled: Operation Screwtape – The Art of Spiritual War. For anyone interested in narratives exploring spiritual truths, this book might just be a fit for you. Operation Screwtape could [Read More…]

The World is Cracked and Maybe That’s Just the Way it is

A few years ago I was on my way to a speaking engagement in LA.  While I drove over the Grapevine, I saw an object moving rapidly toward my windshield.  Before I could figure out what was flying toward my car, I heard the impact… “ding!”  The object struck the bottom right hand side of [Read More…]

God’s Middle Finger – When the Divine Says “Up Yours”

When we cling to the sword, we flip the cross upside down to use it as our tool of death instead of God’s tool for bringing life. And so the story goes… I can remember a scene in the movie Independence Day.  The drunken dad turned heroic father, Russell Case, chooses to sacrifice his life [Read More…]