Discussing the Atonement When Its No Longer Cool!

I have been doing some thinking about the atonement in recent months and even though I am behind the trend of making this a focus during Lent leading up to Easter, I decided to blog about it anyway J .  At seminary, I have a professor who has pushed me to think outside of the [Read More...]

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus 1; Do you have the 'anointin'?

Have you ever been to an old fashioned southern church? You know the kind of place where you unable to stand still while you are worshiping the Lord. It is truly a full body experience. Billy Blank’s Tae-Bo has nothing on a worship gathering of this sort. Even during the preaching, people are moving and [Read More...]

Doomsday? Will Earth Be Destroyed? (Olivet Discourse [Other Arguments for Past Fulfillment]) Part 4

There are some basic arguments against a futurist understanding of the Olivet Discourse. Within the context that Jesus spoke, it seems reasonable that he was continuing to pronounce judgment on the old system of Temple worship that he would have viewed as corrupt and void. The judgment of God on the nation of Israel was [Read More...]

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus Intro; Can We Find a More Jewish Jesus?

UPDATE: MARCH 28, 09 (Lois Tverberg chimes in) Hi Kurt – Thanks so much for this discussion of our book! I’m enjoying listening in. Just to reiterate what you’ve said, the critics are right in saying that the task of understanding Jesus’ context is fraught with difficulties. We knew as we were writing that our [Read More...]