Jesus as Rabbi

UPDATE: Feb 9, 09 Lois Tverberg is in the process of changing to a new website. Check it out here: ____________________________________________________ ORIGINAL POST: I am excited to have found Lois Tverberg’s blog! If you are not sure who she is, she is the founder of engedi resources ( Her latest post gives a defense [Read More...]

Exodus/ Passover Motifs in the New Testament… "The Cups"

I have been doing some thinking and study about Exodus/Passover motifs in the New Testament. One of the most obvious ones is found in the gospels when Jesus is in the upper room with his disciples. Most scholars agree that the Last Supper was shared by Jesus during a Passover meal or “Seder” (I am [Read More...]

Entering the "Missional/ Pomo/ Emerging/ Younger Evangelical/ Red Letter Christians /New Monastic" Conversation

UPDATE!!!!! JAN 29, 09: I realized this morning that I had accidentally failed to put a book on the list, that in my opinion is going to become quite important to the conversation. I would put it somewhere towards the beginning of the list, as it gives a great introduction into several of the themes [Read More...]

Quote to Ponder: John Stott on Creation and Evolution

The following quote is from John Stott who is one of the most respected evangelical theologians of our time. I would like to hear your thoughts on the statement below… “Not many Christians today find it necessary to defend the concept of a literal six-day creation, for the text does not demand it, and scientific [Read More...]