Listening to N.T. Wright in Pasadena on Virtue

UPDATE Check out the audio to this lecture at: Parables of a Prodigal World _____________________________________________ ORIGINAL POST This past Thursday night I had a unique opportunity that I have been hoping would come for quite some time. I got to both listen to and meet N.T. Wright! My friends and I arrived early to ensure [Read More...]

Upcoming Book Review: Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus

I have been asked by author Lois Tverberg to review her forthcoming book, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus can Transform Your Faith. This is quite the honor to be asked by the author herself, especially in an area that has taken up much of my time in the [Read More...]

Groans From Within, Part 1

Many of the people who frequent my blog have probably wondered what the title actually means. Groans From Within describes what it means to be a person who is led by the Spirit while living in a world that is broken. The Spirit groans within Christ-followers, causing us to empathize with the groaning of creation. [Read More...]

Jesus as Rabbi

UPDATE: Feb 9, 09 Lois Tverberg is in the process of changing to a new website. Check it out here: ____________________________________________________ ORIGINAL POST: I am excited to have found Lois Tverberg’s blog! If you are not sure who she is, she is the founder of engedi resources ( Her latest post gives a defense [Read More...]