A Young Woman is Leaving Westboro Baptist Church Behind

EXCERPT from Jeff Chu- For nearly all of her twenty-seven years, Megan believed it: believed what her grandfather Fred Phelps preached from the pulpit; believed what her dad Brent and her mom Shirley taught during the family’s daily Bible studies; believed (mostly) what it said on those signs that have made Westboro disproportionately influential in [Read More...]

Polycarp of Smyrna & the Way of Jesus

FROM COMMON PRAYER: LITURGY FOR ORDINARY RADICALS: Today is the day when the church remembers Polycarp of Smyrna (70 – 155). Polycarp was arrested by Roman officials after having served as Bishop of Smyrna for many decades. When the Roman proconsul ordered him to declare that “Caesar is Lord” and to curse Christ, the elderly Polycarp refused, [Read More...]

I Believe in the “Here and Now” But Live Like I Trust in Escapism

I’ve noticed a trend in my life.  When it comes to my worldview, the way I see reality, the way I see the Scriptures… I believe in a faith that focuses on God’s in-breaking future reality in the present. I believe in a Kingdom that each day can be realized “on earth as in heaven.”  [Read More...]

The Body and The Blood: Symbols, Art, & Mystery ("Friendly Friday:"Carl Laamanen)

photo © 2006 evan courtney | more info (via: Wylio) “They are the most wonderful mystery, body and blood.”- Gilead, Marilynne Robinson I remember the first time I took Communion at the Anglican church that I now attend. It was a revelation to me. It was a grave, joyful matter, and as I swallowed my [Read More...]