A Young Woman is Leaving Westboro Baptist Church Behind

EXCERPT from Jeff Chu– For nearly all of her twenty-seven years, Megan believed it: believed what her grandfather Fred Phelps preached from the pulpit; believed what her dad Brent and her mom Shirley taught during the family’s daily Bible studies; believed (mostly) what it said on those signs that have made Westboro disproportionately influential in [Read More…]

Exterminate them without mercy: The problem of Joshua, genocide, and the character of God

A couple of years ago, I wrote the following blog post about an approach to the most difficult text when it comes to understanding God’s character. Although I think my view has / is evolv(ed/ing), I think that this article is a good conversation starter. In the next year or so I plan to revisit [Read More…]

Is the Church still emerging?

This article is a response to one I poste a week ago. What do you think? Here’s an excerpt: This morning I was reading a post from Kurt Willems’ blog about John Piper’s comments on the Emerging Church. The post contains a You Tube clip of what Piper said and then critiques what is said within that. Willems explains why [Read More…]

An email from the year 2105

The following is a topic I’m asking college English students to write about on their blogs for a class I teach. I thought I’d post my “example” here for fun. Asking about an email from the year 2105 begins as follows: “Email, what’s that? To send and receive messages from other species (not just humans) [Read More…]