An intro to Anabaptist history w/ Bruxy Cavey and Mike Krause

This is amazing. I love both these brothas! [Read more…]

N.T. Wright gets asked: “What is the gospel?”

Check out another great interview with N.T. Wright: INTERVIEW WITH NT WRIGHT from Evangelical Alliance on Vimeo. [Read more…]

God is not an Oldsmobile – What we talk about when we talk about God (Rob Bell)

This is a great promo video for Rob Bell’s latest book: What We Talk about When We Talk about God. I’m looking forward to reading this one. [Read more…]

Live Life | Week 2: Prayer by Jarrod McKenna (Lent Series)

Jarrod McKenna takes a deeper look at this week’s challenge on prayer. (­fe-pray/) Watch this video and then share the things in your community that need to be set right, through the global sharing platform at World Vision would like to thank Jarrod McKenna ( for his improv’d homiletics, David Gungor from “The Brilliance” [Read More…]