The Resurrection is Good News for Women

The resurrection is good news for women. In John chapter 20 Mary Magdalene is depicted as the first witness of the empty tomb. We don’t know much about this Mary. At various times in church history, the assumption was that she was both the sinful woman who used her hair to wash Jesus’ feet with [Read More…]

When Women are Called and the Church Says “No!”

My book, A Woman Called, was released last month. I spent several years creating, writing, rewriting, and getting the book published. There were days that my thoughts exited my fingertips and entered a computer screen, sometimes page by page as fast as I could type, but more often, I typed slowly, word by word or [Read More…]

Mutuality in the Church for the sake of the Kingdom (#mutuality2012)

*The following is written by my good friend Jacob Evers. He graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with an MA in Theology and blogs at “A Christian Blog: an anabaptist’s perspective on the world.“ Galatians 3:23-39 states: “Now before faith came, we were imprisoned and guarded under the law until faith would be revealed. Therefore the law [Read More…]

Church Plant Journal #2: Denomination, Peace, & Women in Ministry (#mutuality2012)

To see the other video journal’s in this series, go here. Also participating, with this video, in Rachel Held Evans Week of Mutuality. [Read more…]