Worship is about you, me, and us – but mostly God: reflections on the songs we sing

I grew up in the contemporary evangelical church. Many people in my life have noted that rather than completely cut myself off from my roots, I have a tendency to integrate what I perceive to be the good. Although that may have to be the topic of another post, today I want to reflect on [Read More…]

Recycling Hymns Creatively – Wayfarer (check these guys out!)

Hi there, we’re Wayfarer. We live in Seattle and do something a little different than most bands: we take lyric sets from old, largely forgotten hymns or Southern Spirituals, and we write entirely new music to those lyrics: melodies, chords, arrangements, etc. We call it “Repurposed Hymns & Spiritual Songs.” This last January, we traveled [Read More…]

Why singing “Our God is Greater” *might* make our God seem less great

There’s a song that has now made its rounds in the evangelical church circuit. This song is commendable on many levels. First, the melody is catchy. If you haven’t listened to or sung this worship tune, you can check it out here: Second, it’s a song with lyrics that are all quite true. I will [Read More…]

Me worship for the “me” church (funny and true)

We watched this in a class I’m taking this semester. It’s hilarious and at the same time – deeply true. What do you think? In what ways does “worship” often become “me” centered? What evidences of this have you encountered? [Read more…]