If Evolution is Right… Then What About Adam? (Option 1: Adam as Historical) [1 of 3]

This series wrestles with the questions of the compatibility of Biblical theology and biological evolution.  To understand my view of Genesis 1, you may read here as that chapter will not be discussed in this series.  Also, check out this series by RJS at Jesus Creed.  The rest of this series, go here (in the [Read More…]

Growing Up Christian – Without Losing Faith or Brains (Guest Post: George Murphy)

It’s a pretty common story.  Someone grows up in a conservative Christian setting and is taught that Genesis gives the true account of creation and that evolution is false.  Then in high school or college the young Christian learns about evolution.  You’ve probably heard or met people who had that experience and reacted in one [Read More…]

C.S. Lewis on Creation, Fall, & Evolution – Quote to Ponder (5/15/08)

The following is a repost from the very early days of this blog.  This was about 4 months after the question of evolution and the Christian faith had been raised as a possiblity rather than an obvious antithesis.  I now hold to what is popularly (well, not that popular in Christian circles, yet) called: theistic [Read More…]

Evolution According to THE SIMPSONS & FRIENDS… just for fun!

If you have read through any of the old posts dealing with science, you will know that I have an open posture towards evolutionary biology. Now, if this alarms you, you should also note that I hold to what is popularly called “Theistic Evolution” or “Evolutionary Creationism” or “BioLogos.” One of my favorite shows is [Read More…]