Elements in Surveying a Neighborhood in Church Planting

I’m in the middle of a church planting class.  I thought I’d share my notes on how to survey a neighborhood, in other words, how to understand the context (either a neighborhood or a particular niche community) in which you plant to plant a church.  In what follows are my notes.  Yes, they are raw.  [Read More…]

Why Do People Plant Churches? Common Answers

I am currently sitting under Juliet Kilpin and Stuart Murray in a Church Planting course.  Excellent stuff! We are focusing on the realities created by Post-Christendom, which is clear in the UK and starting to bubble up in urban centers across North America. (PS – GET IN ON SOME CHURCH PLANT TRAINING THIS SATURDAY VIA [Read More…]

Missional Anabaptist Church Planting Conference w/ Stuart Murray in So. Cal (or webcast)

What does it mean to follow Jesus in a changing culture, in which the Christian story is no longer familiar and the church is on the margins? Post-­Christendom is well advanced in most western societies and this is the emerging reality in the US too. How do we respond to the challenges and seize the [Read More…]

Bi-Vocational Seminary Grads Should Be Trained Bi-Vocationally! (Future of Seminary)

Editor’s Note: This article is part of an online symposium, “Does Seminary Have a Future?” hosted at Patheos this month. Read other perspectives here. Yesterday, Tony Jones responded to my post called “Seminary is Great… Seminary Loans Suck… Young Pastors are Slaves.”  I appreciated much of what he said in “The Future of Seminary: Training [Read More…]