A conference for “pastors’ wives”… What about pastors’ husbands???

In a few months a conference will be held in San Diego exclusively for “pastor’s wives called “Defined by God.” I think that in many ways this is great. I know that my wife and the wives of many male pastors would benefit from this conference greatly. I think this will be a solid event… [Read More…]

RE-Membering Memorial Day

photo © 2010 US Army Africa | more info Remember… …that life is a gift. To call it a gift is to imply that we did not earn it. Life is grace. Peace preserves life. So on this Memorial Day weekend we remember that God’s intention for this world is shalom. This would be a [Read More…]

Should Kids Join their Parents in Church Services or Go to “Childrens’ Church”?

*A Guest Post: Evelyn Sweerts is a mother of four and part-time Theology for Ministry student living semi-rurally in Luxembourg. We’re out for a family meal in our local Italian restaurant. A mixed-age group comes in. The adults sit down at one end of the table to talk; the kids whip out their PSPs and [Read More…]

Deconstruction, Demolition, and Incarnation

*This is a guest post. Thanks to my good web friend, Al Molineaux for this challenging guest piece.  Connect with him on Twitter. My wife and I have been on a twenty year journey of church planting; that is to say a twenty year journey of deconstruction. It started, as these things often do, with [Read More…]