Why the “Christian life” isn’t worth living

For most of my life, I focused my faith on knowing Jesus through morality management. More accurately, Jesus was savior and the Spirit was the voice that helped give me the strength to avoid things like cussing, gossip, lust, and pride. Getting through a single day where those sins were avoided meant a major victory [Read More…]

Taking a “Should” on our Spiritual Lives

One of the things that I’m discovering about spiritual disciplines is that I often take that which is relational in its very nature and turn it into something mechanical. [Read more…]

Dallas Willard on Holiness Moving into the Public Realm (Quote to Ponder)

I loved the following quote from Dallas Willard.  The transformation we undergo through the character shaping realities of connecting with God will naturally lead to a public life of service and mission.  What are your thoughts on the following “quote to ponder?” Holiness and devotion must now come forth from the closet and the chapel [Read More…]

A New Book That Looks Promising: The King Jesus Gospel, by Scot McKnight (video)

Hi friends.  I just received this link from a friend over at Zondervan and wanted to share it with you.  I have a feeling that this book is going to be important to the conversation about Jesus in the next several months and years.  It’s called: The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited [Read More…]