Philip Yancey on Brennan Manning on the day of his passing

I love the work of Brennan Manning. His books The Ragamuffin Gospel and The Signature of Jesus made a profound impact on my spiritual journey. Tonight I learned that he passed away. Although I never met him, he taught me much about the grace and love of God. Brennan Manning’s homepage reports the following message: [Read More…]

“Does once saved always saved apply even though he became an atheist?”

I stand at the graveside of a young student. Fifteen years old. Dead in an instant. Skateboarding on a foggy night and a car that never even saw a faint shadow, until it was too late. I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel. I’ve met this kid only one time and he attended youth [Read More…]

GOP Kansas House Speaker Prays for the Death of the President (From Chuck Currie)

This comes from the Rev. Church Currie’s Blog. I invite you, to go there and read the rest of his article, including a way to contact the Kansas Speaker’s office.  Here’s a bit of it… Pat Cunningham reports that Speaker Mike O’Neal compared Michelle Obama to the Grinch in e-mails and later wrote over the holiday: ““I’m [Read More…]

Death, Trump Cards, and Honesty: Thoughts from a Funeral Director (Caleb Wilde)

I shouldn’t be surprised at how adverse we evangelicals are to thinking about death, but I have to admit that I am. Here are five major reasons I think evangelicals don’t like confronting it in an honest manner: For one, we love to spiritualize everything, so that we’re more comfortable and confident in a world [Read More…]