Some “Things” about the 7 Things Christians Need to Remember about Politics

In a recent article by Bryan Roberts’ at Relevant Magazine, he offers us 7 things to remember about politics as Christians. Here’s that list: 1. Both political parties go to church. 2. Political talk radio and cable “news” only want ratings 3. Those who argue over politics don’t love their country more than others. 4. [Read More…]

Why Jesus might be a Republi-demo-liber-green-peace and freed-O-crat

Recently there was a provocative article written by Phil Zuckerman and Dan Cady called: Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus. It would be easy for many to be up in arms about such an article, but maybe it takes a critique from the ‘outside’ to make us look honestly at our ‘inside.’ They state: “White Evangelical Christians [Read More…]

Voter Registration or Manipulation @ Walmart? (Repost, 10/08)

The following is a re-post from the early days of blogging (October 4, 2008).  This truly was an interesting experience and one that shaped my view of politics in many ways.  Keep in mind that this is prior to the last presidential primary election in 2008… ———————————————————————————————- The other day my wife and I went [Read More…]

Healthcare In USA: Your Chance to RANT or RAVE! [or] Would Jesus have Voted Yea or Nea?

This is going to be a very short post.  I simply have some questions: Is the new health care bill something to RANT or RAVE about?  Why or why not?  Theologically?  Practically? PS – Would Jesus have Voted for the Health Care Bill? (Give biblical criterion) [Read more…]