Stop Turning “Devotions” into Dogma: reflections on how we read the bible

As a high school student, after a dramatic turn-around toward the end of my sophomore year, I began to engage with God through devotional readings (or “quiet times”). Such was encouraged by mentors and camp speakers as a way through which to grow in Christ. The ebb and flow of my devotional journey yielded significant [Read More…]

What Does “Being” Look Like For You?

This week I shared an article with you describing the journey that I’m on with God (“I’m Done With Living Like a Christian“). I desire to know Jesus in a fresh way, one that is not defined merely by theological theoreticals or “doing,” but rather “being.” “Being” meaning to discover who I am in relation [Read More…]

I’m Done With Living Like a Christian

Something happened last week.  I went on a retreat with an amazing spiritual director / teacher named Jan Johnson.  By the end of our time together I realized that I’m done with living like a Christian. I’m done serving the poor. I’m done going the extra mile. I’m done being a husband who strives to [Read More…]