The World is Cracked and Maybe That’s Just the Way it is

A few years ago I was on my way to a speaking engagement in LA.  While I drove over the Grapevine, I saw an object moving rapidly toward my windshield.  Before I could figure out what was flying toward my car, I heard the impact… “ding!”  The object struck the bottom right hand side of [Read More…]

Nonviolence 101 – Other Key Passages that Deal With Violence [White Horses, New Testament Soldiers, & Swords] (part 6)

The following is part of a fairly long series on the theology and practice of nonviolence.  If you would like to read all of the posts, you can do so here. ————————————– Now that we have looked at the two key texts in the New Testament that address the issue of nonviolence, there are other [Read More…]

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare, part 2 (a motivational speech)

The President's Speech Independence Day —   Independence Day is one of my favorite movies in spite of its themes of war and nation :-).  In this clip, we find the moment where it’s time to take action against the alien invaders.  So the president, after having lost his wife, gets up in the [Read More…]

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare, part 1

Our culture is obsessed with two realities.  Hollywood is intrigued by the idea of invisible spiritual powers.  Many examples could be brought to the surface, but my favorite would be “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.”  A second cultural observation is that we also have a deep concern about systemic evil and global poverty.  Bono of [Read More…]