Rediscovering the Lost World of Genesis One (Best Interpretation I’ve Seen!)

The most convincing interpretation of the passage at hand is found in John Walton’s, The Lost World of Genesis One.  After reading this book, my view of the chapter has evolved.  I am going to attempt to summarize Walton’s perspective, but would strongly urge you to read his prolific book in its entirety.  His basic [Read More…]

Can Evolution be Christian? An Introduction…

As many of you know, I am of the conviction that evolution and a high view of Scripture are compatible.  There are actually many credible voices in the evangelical community that agree with this.  Tim Keller, CS Lewis, Billy Graham, John Stott, NT Wright, Greg Boyd, Allister McGrath, John Polkinghorne, Scot Mcknight, and many more. [Read More…]

Evolution According to THE SIMPSONS & FRIENDS… just for fun!

If you have read through any of the old posts dealing with science, you will know that I have an open posture towards evolutionary biology. Now, if this alarms you, you should also note that I hold to what is popularly called “Theistic Evolution” or “Evolutionary Creationism” or “BioLogos.” One of my favorite shows is [Read More…]