Francis Chan – How To Experience The Holy Spirit

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Godspeed: Making Christ’s Mission Your Own

Check out the Patheos Book Club page for Godspeed here! God is on a mission. This God invites humanity into the Trinitarian dance of being sent for the sake of the world and to the glory of God. In Godspeed – Making Christ’s Mission Your Own, Britt Merrick invites evangelicals to reconsider the nature of [Read More…]

A Humble Hell? (Alan Molineaux)

Below is a piece by my friend Alan Molineaux.  He briefly discusses his concerns with the video that was released to promote Francis Chan’s new book on hell.  What follows, then is a critique of the approach taken in the video, not of Chan as a person/minister/Jesus follower/etc.  Many of us non-Calvinists truly appreciate Chan’s [Read More…]