Whose Kingdom, Which Lord? Jesus & Nationalism, part 3 (Give to Caesar What is Caesar's?)

This is part three of a five part series on Jesus and Nationalism.  It reads as one fluid written sermon so you may want to read the rest of the series.  I have never spoken this sermon but figured I would use the blog to get the text out there… ——————————————————————– And it is to [Read More...]

C.S. Lewis on Creation, Fall, & Evolution – Quote to Ponder (5/15/08)

The following is a repost from the very early days of this blog.  This was about 4 months after the question of evolution and the Christian faith had been raised as a possiblity rather than an obvious antithesis.  I now hold to what is popularly (well, not that popular in Christian circles, yet) called: theistic [Read More...]

Abomination of Desolation ≠ AntiChrist! [Earthquakes…Signs of the Times, 5 (Mark 13)]

This is the fifth post in a series titled: Earthquakes… Signs of the Times?  I invite you to read the rest of the series here to catch up (the first post would be extremely helpful)… —————————————————————– A popular phrase in the Christian subculture is “Antichrist” who is often identified as the “Abomination of Desolation” or [Read More...]

Earthquakes… Signs of the End Times? Part 2: Mark 13 as it Relates to the Rest of the Book

This is the second post in a series titled: Mark 13… Signs of the Times? I invite you to check out that first post to catch up, so to speak :-)  More posts to come on this topic! Read the rest of the series here. ————————————————————- We began this series by asking if we could [Read More...]