Evangelical Culture Myths: #1 Speaking in Tongues is from the Devil, Unless Interpreted

Today I begin a long term series called “Evangelical Culture Myths.”  I invite you to submit various sorts of cultural myths that we evangelicals tell.  Aside from the one I’m covering today, another obvious one (if you read this blog regularly) could be: “The earth will be destroyed eventually so who cares about being ‘green.’”  [Read More…]

Resolve to Be Green in 2012: Plastic Bags, John Stott, and the Reign of God

Recently in Seattle Washington a city ordinance was passed which bans the use of single use plastic bags.  In other words, if you go to the grocery store to purchase food in Seattle (and other cities) you will not be given a plastic bag to carry it out.  Plastic bags are banned.  I personally think [Read More…]

The Story of Bottled Water (This was really interesting!) [video]

Would love your thoughts. This blew my mind! [Read more…]

For Those Who Want To Be Bike Commuters

So… I finally got a bike.  I’ve wanted one for about 3 years now.  I even bought my wife a bike, hoping that she’d feel obligated to get me one in return… and yes, 3 years later my plan worked (OK, it was really a financial decision on both our parts).  As someone who is [Read More…]