Why I voted for Jesus instead of Obama in the primary

Why I voted for Jesus instead of Obama in the primary… Because, obviously, President Obama is uncontested during the primary election so nothing is actually on the line by writing in a candidate like Jesus. Because as a registered Independent, I’m not allowed to vote in the Republican primary contest. Because, Jesus is the only [Read More…]

It’s Hip to Be a Purple Christian? Reflections on “Left Right & Christ”

NOTE: This book review is part of a Patheos Book Club Symposium.  For more articles and resources about the book, click here. I recently read a book that I highly recommend to any Christian interested in American politics and faith.  If you read my articles on a regular basis, you know that this is a [Read More…]

Voter Registration or Manipulation @ Walmart? (Repost, 10/08)

The following is a re-post from the early days of blogging (October 4, 2008).  This truly was an interesting experience and one that shaped my view of politics in many ways.  Keep in mind that this is prior to the last presidential primary election in 2008… ———————————————————————————————- The other day my wife and I went [Read More…]