The State Killed 2 Men Last Night (but we only cared about Troy Davis) [David Henson]

The situation with Troy Davis is truly heartbreaking.  Jesus calls us to care about life.  Yet most American Christians refuse to be Pro-Life from the womb to the tomb.  Something’s gotta change. Rather than writing my own reflection on the Troy Davis situation, I wanted to point your attention to an excellent post about it [Read More…]

New Perspective on Paul in Less than 10 Mins (N.T. Wright & James Dunn)

The New Perspective on Paul has been an important discussion that has been taking place in theological circles in resent years.  Here are two of the leaders speaking into the issue, NT Wright and James Dunn. [Read more…]

The Good News of King Jesus is Better than 4 Laws!: Reflections on The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight

If you grew up in the church, there’s a chance that the Four Spiritual Laws were presented as the Gospel.  When I decided to be baptized at the age of 12, the class for church membership involved using the old yellow tract as the textbook out of which I was affirmed as saved.  There’s nothing [Read More…]

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down While You’re Still… P.O.’d! (Get Out Your “Damn It Doll”)

  This past weekend, I had a moment where I got P.O.’d.  If you’re human, you can probably relate.  It was over something that wasn’t even a big deal, yet my blood started boiling and I felt like hitting a wall.  But then I realized that such an action would let anger win.  So I [Read More…]