Is There A Doctor In the House: An Insider’s Story And Advice On Becoming A Biblical Scholar

***A Guest Post by Lawrence Garcia. Scholars, we energetically read their books, we quote their work to lend credibility to everything from blogs to school papers, and yes, some of us self-proclaimed “up-and-comers” emulate them aspiring eventually to become actual biblical scholars ourselves. But do we really have what it takes? Are we even aware [Read More…]

Theatrical Theology? – Reflections on the Drama of Doctrine

*The following is a guest post from Lawrence Garcia A robust treatment of doctrine—what spirited understanding discovers at the end of its examination of the apostolic witness of the Christ event—is not enjoyed by many congregations of our time. Either it is wrongly conceived as something that “divides,” or in this age of over specialization, [Read More…]

Reflecting on Jesus and His Death

*The following is a guest book review by Lawrence Gracia.  Kurt does not necessarily endorse all of its content. Enjoy! It is quite fascinating that among the thousands of ignominious crucifixions performed by the Romans within the first-century, either side of Jesus of Nazareth, that his and his alone, set forward a chain of events [Read More…]

Are You the One Who Is To Come? (Review – Lawrence Garcia)

For one whose surname is essentially “Messiah”, it is quite startling that the historical Jesus never actually out-and-out stated, “I am the Messiah.” This curious silence on the part of Jesus has led some corners of scholarship to conclude that, in fact, Jesus never conceived of himself as Israel’s Messiah, and that the messianic portrait [Read More…]