The Ugly Beauty of the Kingdom of God

Much in the world is ugly. Ugliness manifests itself in ways that we hope never to even imagine. Each day it confronts us when we least expect it. Depending on the day, the circumstances, or our disposition in the moment of confrontation, our responses may differ. Ugliness in a movie might bring us to tears [Read More…]

Faith and the Challenge of Suffering: Is God to Blame?

Jesus’ most famous prayer includes these words, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” To pray for God’s will to be done means that there will be times when God’s will will not done because love involves choice. This means that God will not revoke our freedom even when we act in unloving ways. If God were to revoke our freedom every time we used it in evil ways, we wouldn’t be truly free. But God respects the integrity of our freedom, even when we use it in unloving ways. [Read more…]

Greg Boyd Sermon on Hell “Tormented in the Flames?” (Amazing!)

Greg Boyd lays out some thoughts on hell that I basically agree with… [Read more…]

Treat Them Like a Tax Collector: Reflections on Matthew 18, Church Discipline, and Andrew

Jesus offers a model for reconciliation in Matthew 18.15-17.  Often, these three verses are used for the opposite of this: alienation.  These words operate as a law in some settings, when in fact they are meant to give guidance toward restoring relationship. Over the past few days, Matthew Paul Turner hosted a series of blogs [Read More…]