Sermon Series to check out: Threads – woven together in love

Right now at Pangea Communities we are in a new series for the summer season. We are calling it Threads and are walking through each of our core values – each representing a thread that weaves us into a fuller human existence. We have as our theme passage Colossians 2.2-4 (The Message)*: I want you [Read More…]

Reframing the Gospel: Q Group Studies | Transactional Conversions?

Description from YouTube: n The Whole Gospel: Revisiting Our Message to the World, part of Q Group Studies, your group will be reminded of the holistic nature of the gospel and challenged to return to the Bible to get a better picture of the story and how it should shape your whole life. In The [Read More…]

We’re Just a Passin’ Through – Escaping the “Here and Now” [SERMON VIDEO]

Here’s a sermon I gave at a friend’s college ministry last week… [Read more…]

Confining what was meant to go Viral (Jonathan Paran Aran)

Last month I went to the movies and watched “Contagion.” in short it was a movie depicting a wide spreading virus, which was unknown, and untreatable. Well that’s until they found a vaccine to somewhat contain the virus from spreading virally. I am not intending to give my review of the movie, on whether it [Read More…]