Biblical Hatespeech Against Obama – Wishing his orphans no mercy?

HT: Greg Boyd The following video and this article explains the sign in greater detail. [Read more…]

Is Obama an Evangelical? Christianity Today Debates

source: Christianity Today Excerpt from — “Barack Obama: Evangelical-in-Chief?” by Judd Birdsall (read the whole article by linking here) The 2012 campaign has placed evangelicals in a paradox. A recent PRRI/RNS poll reveals that white evangelicals support a Mormon presidential candidate over Obama by an overwhelming 49% margin, but are simultaneously the religious group most [Read More…]

Why I voted for Jesus instead of Obama in the primary

Why I voted for Jesus instead of Obama in the primary… Because, obviously, President Obama is uncontested during the primary election so nothing is actually on the line by writing in a candidate like Jesus. Because as a registered Independent, I’m not allowed to vote in the Republican primary contest. Because, Jesus is the only [Read More…]

GOP Kansas House Speaker Prays for the Death of the President (From Chuck Currie)

This comes from the Rev. Church Currie’s Blog. I invite you, to go there and read the rest of his article, including a way to contact the Kansas Speaker’s office.  Here’s a bit of it… Pat Cunningham reports that Speaker Mike O’Neal compared Michelle Obama to the Grinch in e-mails and later wrote over the holiday: ““I’m [Read More…]