Evil is Random, Even for God: The Uncontrolling Love of God

Kurt Note: Thomas Jay Oord is a theologian I respect. His work in open and relational theology is so helpful for understanding the nature of God in relation to space and time. In this short article, Tom gives us a bit of a peak at a new way of understanding why evil and suffering exist. He also looks at [Read More…]

Faith and the Challenge of Suffering: Is God to Blame?

Jesus’ most famous prayer includes these words, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” To pray for God’s will to be done means that there will be times when God’s will will not done because love involves choice. This means that God will not revoke our freedom even when we act in unloving ways. If God were to revoke our freedom every time we used it in evil ways, we wouldn’t be truly free. But God respects the integrity of our freedom, even when we use it in unloving ways. [Read more…]

Can You Lose Your Salvation? Greg Boyd and Mark Driscoll in Dialogue

This is the age old question: Can a person lose their salvation? Of course, two broad schools of thought emerge in theological discourse. On one end of the spectrum are the 5.5 point Calvinists (not really sure what the .5 is all about). This is representative of Mark Driscoll’s perspective (and basically most of the [Read More…]

The Binding of God: Genesis 22 as a Test Case for Open Theism in the O.T. (part 8) [Problem of Evil]

In what follows, you will read an “academic paper” in which I explore some elements of open theism (the link is to a brief introduction to open theism).  This is a view of God’s foreknowledge that is controversial, but still in the evangelical family of belief.  The most well known Christian leader who holds to [Read More…]