An Evangelical Reject Who Refuses to Reject Evangelicals

Last week I posted an article called “You Might Be an Evangelical Reject If…”  Many of you read with laughs, perhaps at the picture I created in PowerPoint (as I know zilch about graphic design) or at the clearly tongue-in-cheek nature of the article as a whole.  Yet some folks resonated on a deeper level.  [Read More…]

You Might Be An Evangelical Reject If…

I wish it were otherwise, but, unfortunately it’s true.  Everything within me resisted this realization.  But, the time has come to admit it: I’m an Evangelical reject. The more I write the clearer this sad truth becomes.  This blog, as much as it’s served as a place to flesh out ideas I believe to be [Read More…]

Why Universal Salvation is an Evangelical Option… Sort Of ("Friendly Friday" post: David Bunce)

photo © 2008 Chuck Coker | more info (via: Wylio)   Whispers have reached Scotland that Rob Bell has written a new book. Something to do with salvation and hell and heaven. The word on the street is this new book (which I gather suggests that the Christian God is known for his love and [Read More…]