When Worry Disrupts God’s Cosmic Community of Care

I want to introduce you to someone.  Her name is Sadie.  After six months of marriage to Lauren, she started asking if we could get a puppy.  After months of hesitation… I gave in. Why the hesitation?  Because I didn’t want the responsibility of caring for an animal.  Chores like giving a bath or cleaning [Read More…]

We’re Just a Passin’ Through – Escaping the “Here and Now” [SERMON VIDEO]

Here’s a sermon I gave at a friend’s college ministry last week… [Read more…]

Pastor, I just wish the sermons would “Go Deeper” (really?)

In my lifetime, I’ve been around folks that leave churches because they claim the sermons aren’t “deep enough.”  Sometimes this is valid.  Other times, it’s a cop-out.  Valid = sermons are pop-psychology attempting to give a four point format for fixing your life.  Instead of immersing us in the story and looking for intersections to [Read More…]

Preaching to Your WHOLE Church (Rachel Blom)

A very good friend of mine is single. I’ve never considered him different from all my other friends, most of whom are married, but he feels he is. He is a Christian, like me, and till recently we attended the same church. The difference is that he often feels excluded in the sermons we both [Read More…]