Intros to Avoid in Preaching… Unless You Like Losing An Audience

Here’s some quality thoughts on “8 Starts to Avoid in your Preaching” from Rachel Blom: 1. Shocking start I’ve seen preachers use this technique and so far, none of them were successful. Starting with something shocking (a shocking video, quote, song, joke, etc) may seem like a sure way to grab your audience’s attention, but [Read More…]

Embracing the Darkness – Jonah Message

Here is a sermon I gave last Sunday on the book of Jonah, specifically chapter 2.  Would love to hear your thoughts! Peace! Jonah 2 – Embracing the Darkness (Sermon) from Kurt Willems on Vimeo. [Read more…]

Choosing To Trust in Times of Doubt: Sermon (Kurt)

Choosing To Trust in Times of Doubt: Sermon (Kurt) Here is a sermon that I gave this past weekend on the issue of doubt and trust.  It includes be falling off of the stage backwards Many of you have asked, so I thought I’d share this sermon with all of you! *PS – I make [Read More…]

Whose Kingdom, Which Lord? Jesus and Nationalism, part 1

The next several posts are going to be in the form of a written sermon.  I have never spoken this sermon but figured I would use the blog to get the text out there.  It will be broken up into five posts over the next two weeks.  Read the rest of the series. ————————————————————– I [Read More…]