Shane Hipps on Faith and Technology on iPhone 5 announcement day (#iPhone5)

  Today is the expected “big announcement” from Apple regarding the iPhone 5. As a person involved heavily in social media, this actually excites me on some levels. I think that any time a new technology comes out it’s exciting. This iPhone is rumored to have new features such as: a 4 inch diagonal screen, [Read More…]

Rob Bell’s Successor Announced: Kent Dobson

From Christianity Today- In an email sent Wednesday to members of the Grandville, Mich., church, leaders announced Kent Dobson had accepted the lead position. Dobson served as a worship director in the church’s early days and has preached as a guest speaker in the months since Bell left. He is the son of Ed Dobson, [Read More…]

Shane Hipps’ Aha! Moment on Preaching and Success

[Read more…]

How Technology Shapes Our Faith – Shane Hipps Video

I love it when Shane Hipps talk about technology. This is a great talk! [Read more…]