A Small Picture of Jubilee?

I came across an article, thanks to my good friend Jason, that gives us a small picture of Jubilee.  Debts forgiven, this is a central theme in the biblical narrative, one that ultimately becomes actualized in a person: Jesus Christ.  Now, I think we do well  not to over spiritualize Jesus declaration of Jubilee in [Read More…]

Ron Paul: The Anti-War Candidate Who Will Start New Wars

KURT’S NOTE: The following is a guest post from Jason Dye.  I take no responsibility for the content of this article (except for posting it on his behalf).  His piece gets at some of this issues that concern me about libertarian political philosophy.  My belief is that an unregulated market and a “small government” will [Read More…]

Is Ethical Purchasing a New Form of Legalism?

*This is a blog I originally posted at the end of February in 2010.  It is a post that I consider to be the beginning of my consistent pattern of blogging (more than just randomly posting stuff once in a great while).  I repost it here again in light of the Christmas season.  As we [Read More…]

How Many Slaves Are Working For You? Find out now…

Here is a great resource to make us aware of how our purchasing affects human life.  Now you can find out, “How many slaves work for you?”  Great tool to use for small group reflection or self evaluation.  Would love any thoughts or resources you may have on modern slavery… [Read more…]