LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video???

Great fun and deep insights about ‘connection’ and the lack there of… [Read more…]

How NOT to Be A Jerk On Social Media (Trevor Lund)

Every year I host a negativity fast so you’d think I’d be one to have it beat.  I’ve written a book called “How to Judge and Not Be a Jerk” so you may think I’m an expert.  If I am it’s in the sarcastic definition that “x” is an unknown element and a “spurt” is [Read More…]

Calling All Blogger Friends – Help Me Create a New Blogroll

photo © 2007 Martin Stabe | more info (via: Wylio)   As I announced and you probably noticed, I moved my website from Dreamhost to Patheos last week. This move has already been quite fun for me. If you found my site as a result of my affiliation with Patheos, welcome! One thing that we [Read More…]

I’m Quitting Facebook to Join Faithbook Because My WWJD Bracelet Told Me To

The end of the age has come.  No, not the rapture, but the end of Facebook.  There I said it… finished.  As of today, I am shutting down all Facebook communication. “Why?” you ask.  I’ll gladly answer. I’m convinced that the God revealed in Jesus desires that Christians avoid becoming convoluted by the world.  We [Read More…]