How I Became a Universalist (a guest post)

[Editor’s Note (Kurt Willems): If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I am not a universalist. In fact, I’ve written about my view of hell in detail, a view which I call: “Purgatorial Conditionalism.” I also responded to Love Wins here (but you really need to read the Hell Series first [Read More…]

Love Wins Isn’t Jewish Enough for Rob Bell

I like Love Wins. Actually, I love Love Wins. No, it isn’t a thorough theological treatment of the afterlife, but it certainly provokes important questions. The broad vision of the book is admirable and courageous. One of my favorite themes in this book is how Rob Bell points out that many people choose not to [Read More…]

Burn-them-all vs. Universalism: A false choice

Kurt’s Note: My friend Dan Martin who blogs over at Nailing it to the Door, submitted this guest post on the false dichotomy people set up for understanding Hell.  I agree with his basic premise and have outlined my view in the series “Hell Yes. Hell No! Or Who the Hell Cares?.” ————————————————————————————————————————————————- A common [Read More…]

Hell Yes. Hell No! Or Who the Hell Cares? (6 – Baker in Dialogue with Grenz)

The following is part of a series on Hell, partially as a response to the Love Wins controversy.  To catch up, go here. As I stated in the first post, this section will be mostly based on Sharon Baker’s Razing Hell. ——————- Stanley Grenz in Conversation with Baker Now that we have explored the issue [Read More…]